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Organizational Structure

This Vidyalaya is run by the Principal who is responsible through the Deputy Commissioner of Patna Region to the commissioner of NVS, Noida (U.P.). The Principal is administrating the school with the co-operation and help of staff for the development of physical, mental , moral and all round development of the children. The whole strength of the vidyalya is divided into eight Houses; four for Seniors and four for the Juniors under eight housemaster/ mistresses to take appropriate care for the maintenance of Academic growth.

It is desired that students should take responsibilities of all the vidyalaya works so that he/she can be proud of. Assistant school pupil leader, sports, mess captains and house perfects are also nominated to develop leadership qualities, dignity of labour, self-discipline, self-service and the spirit of students.

Though academic excellence is highly respected and accepted of a student, one without much of a scholarly academic performance can also have a suitable place for him in other fields such as sports, Arts, Gardening, and SUPW and in Music. An attempt is made to see that no student finds he good for nothing so that various responsibilities and works have been giving to the students.


Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is appex body worn by the Ministry of HRD, Department of Education, Government of India. The Commissioner is the highest officer who governs Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. It is further divided into eight regions under the different Deputy Commissioner.


Vidyalaya Management Committee
  1. D.C., Hazaribag − Chairman
  2. D.E.O., Hazaribag − Member
  3. Ex. Engineer, PWD (Bldg.) − Member
  4. Principal, DAVPS, Hazaribag − Member
  5. CMO, Hazaribag − Member
  6. Senior most Teacher, JNV Hazaribag − Member
  7. 2 Parent representative (M+F) − Member
  8. Principal, JNV, Hazaribag − Member Secretary
Vidyalaya Advisory Committee
  1. D.C., Hazaribag − Chairman
  2. Local M.P. − Member
  3. Chairman, Zila Parishad − Member
  4. Principal, DAVPS, Hazaribag − Member
  5. D.E.O. , Hazaribag − Member
  6. One Educationist − Member
  7. Ex. Engineer, PWD (Bldg.) − Member
  8. Principal, JNV, Hazaribag − Member Sec.

Vidyalaya Purchase Advisory committee
  1. Principal, JNV, Hazaribag – Chairman
  2. Nominee of VMC Chairman – Member
  3. D.E.O., Hazaribag - Member
  4. Senior Most Teacher, JNV Hazaribag - Member
  5. Principal, DAVPS, Hazaribag – Member
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